Solar Systems

Alternative Energy Solutions

There are some things in life that are just simple but effective!
Solar power solutions are simple and effective sources of renewable energy.
Let us help you simplify your life and keep our island green!

  • Commercial and Home Solar Systems
  • Our solutions offer homeowners clean, renewable electricity fueled by sunlight.
  • Systems can be modified to meet your specific needs.

OFF-GRID – PV Peak Power Rating = 840w


  • 4ea 210 solar modules
  • 2400w inverter
  • 4ea 6v-350Ah deep cycle batteries (flooded lead-acid battery)
  • solar controller & battery status monitor
  • Basic Installation (single-story)
  • Warranty: 25-yr solar module output, 2-yr battery

UTILITY-TIE or NET-METERING – PV Peak Power Rating = 1.6kW


  • 7ea 210w solar modules
  • 1500w Grid-Connect Inverter
  • AC Disconnect
  • UniRac grounding lug and clip
  • Warranty: 25-yr solar module output
  • Note: Installation is site specific and requires site inspection.